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Ompi boasts a unique expertise in providing superior pharmaceutical containers from glass-tubing.

Its comprehensive portfolio covers every customer need, from those related to small molecules to highly sensitive drugs: syringes, pen and dental cartridges, injection and lyophilization vials and ampoules. Syringes, cartridges and vials are produced both in bulk and sterile format (EZ-fill™).

Ompi Fina
Ompi Fina

Optimized for parenterals

Many different packaging options for parenteral drugs are available on the market. Customers traditionally would approach this puzzle by looking for the best combination, often going through several attempts or relying only on past experience. We have solved this issue with Ompi Fina: a comprehensive range of products optimized for parenterals.

Our proven experience with all the leading pharmaceutical companies, our extensive knowledge of regulatory aspects and our unique expertise in technology applied to primary packaging, has allowed us to shape a full range of containers (vials, cartridges and syringes) where all variables fit into the right place. Ompi Fina is not a single product but a comprehensive range of high level solutions optimized to preserve and protect your injectable drug.


  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Assure a high cosmetic quality:
    • Increased container integrity to better protect and preserve your drugs
  • Improved system of quality management throughout the life of the drug
    • Reduced AQL for critical defects
    • Reduced dimensional tolerance
  • Higher mechanical resistance
    • CoA (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Wide range of sizes, components and treatments, according to your needs
Ompi Fina
Ompi Nexa
Ompi Nexa

For the most sensitive injectables

In today's dynamic and increasingly challenging pharmaceutical market, there are more and more biotech drugs, very complex and often highly sensitive molecules. Drug complexity implies that primary packaging suppliers have to develop new approaches able to guarantee stability between drug and container and to assure a perfect drug delivery. The request of very high cosmetic performances is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. For containers like cartridges and syringes, the integration with medical devices or sophisticated auto-injectors is another important aspect to consider.

In recent years many of our customers, both historical and brand new, have requested solutions to some critical issues related to packaging development. We are convinced that now our role is not simply to be a trusted supplier or a smart problem solver, but a real expert, capable of thinking about the solution before the customer comes to us with a problem. To do that, we have designed Ompi Nexa, a complete state-of-the-art portfolio of solutions, organized starting from our proven experience, to provide the highest level of quality, safety and technology even for the most demanding drugs.


  • Ensure your successful and timely launch for novel and existing drug
  • Minimize your Total Cost of Ownership via superior reliability
  • Assure a very high cosmetic quality:
    • PPM basis for critical defects
  • Optimize yield and manufacturing efficiency during the industrial life of your drug
Ompi Nexa
Ompi Alba
Ompi Alba

From conception to injection

Ompi Alba is a turning point in the development of parenteral primary packaging.

The pharmaceutical industry faces very specific challenges because regulatory aspects and risks connected to drug delivery have a significant impact on new product developments. Very often these difficulties imply that old known paths are considered safer and more comfortable than pursing new solutions. But at the same time it is increasingly critical to find innovative solutions to accelerate new drugs focused on unmet patient needs, and reduce their time-to-market.

Ompi Alba primary containers will radically change the approach to the development of primary packaging, solving two problems: the drug/container integration (especially for sensitive drugs) and the traditional need to revalidate when you decide to shift from a container to another. Ompi Alba is designed to be used from the very early stages of drug research, revolutionizing the traditional process flow, where Packaging Development usually takes place in Phase II of clinical trials. Ompi Alba vials’ unique features allow our customers to develop their drugs under the same conditions as the final container, regardless of the type: vial, syringe or cartridge. This will allow the customer to choose the best container, depending on their needs for administration and marketing, avoiding any kind of test or re-validation of the new container, thus entering on the market in a definitely shorter time than usual.


  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve lifecycle management of the drug on multiple containers
  • Avoid risk of failures related to the validation of the container for the Market
Ompi Alba
Ompi Ez-Fill
Ompi Ez-Fill

Ready to fill

The lack of different types of sterile containers does not always allow very specific production like clinical trials or orphan products and so it implies a huge investment in capitals for the washing and the sterilization of the container itself, resulting in a consistent TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increased time-to-market.

For this reason Ompi launched in 2007 the sterile ready-to-fill “EZ-fill™ syringes” and has been developing from several years a new standardized production process that extended the concept to vials and cartridges: the “EZ-fill™ Vials & Cartridges”.

This kind of solution provides clean, sterile, not pyrogenic and ready to be filled glass containers for pharmaceutical use, different from syringes, to be used in injection devices, simplifying and standardizing the traditional production process.

With EZ-fill™ Vials & Cartridges, PharmaCo and CMO can outsource even more “non-core” manufacturing process, thereby reducing overall costs and concentrating resources on added value “core” activities, such as aseptic finish and filling.

Ompi Ez-Fill
Customized Products

Thanks to the synergy with the Engineering Systems area, Ompi offers to the market customized products:

  • Barrels
  • Microvials
  • Concave bottom vials
  • Single-chamber and dual-chamber cartridges with single and multi bypasses. 
Customized Products