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10/02/2015 OMPI BOOSTS ITS EZ-FILL VIALS & CARTRIDGES BUSINESS - Investments planned to double production in 2016

Ompi plans to double the production capacity of the Ompi EZ-fill Vials & Cartridges in the second quarter of 2016.

Ompi EZ-fill Vials & Cartridges solution was launched in 2010 to extend the ready to be filled container range beyond prefillable syringes.

Ompi was the pioneer in the introduction of this new concept that aims to ease the business of its customers, helping them outsourcing “non-core” activities, thereby lowering time to market, increasing quality and safety, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and providing a common filling platform.

With Ompi EZ-fill pharmaceutical companies can benefit from two clear advantages:

  •         maximize flexibility in aseptic filling using a common Nest & Tub format platform, which is provided for all sterile containers: vials, cartridges and syringes
  •         minimize manufacturing costs increasing efficiency using the Tray format that allows more containers per packaging unit.

The development of the Ompi EZ-fill concept represents a synchronized effort between Ompi and Spami (the two divisions of Stevanato Group, the holding company): this solution benefits from a fundamental technical support due to the involvement of the engineering experience provided by Spami.

 “With more than 200 stability tests ongoing and more than 30 products on the market, Ompi EZ-fill Vials & Cartridges is now a proven concept.”, states Andrea Zambon, Ompi EZ-fill Vials & Cartridges Product Manager, “Ompi is ready to give to its sterile container production a strong increase and for this reason in the second quarter of 2016 we plan to have a new Ompi EZ-fill line running in Piombino Dese (PD) to double the current capacity.”

Thanks to the full support provided by Ompi, customers can rely also on machinery and engineering consultancy services. In fact the solution is developed together with the main fill & finish manufacturers: “We count more than 40 filling line models working on Ompi EZ-fill platform and more than 20 machines manufacturers involved both in single product lines and combi lines”, continues Andrea Zambon.

With a wide product portfolio provided with no glass to glass contact, plus the development of Steam Sterilization in addition to traditional Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization, the Ompi EZ-fill concept is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for pharmaceutical companies and CMO’s: it allows them to reduce upstream operations linked to container preparation, sterilization and validation thanks to a lean, modular and smart solution that improves efficiency.