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21/12/2017 Stevanato Group strengthens in Asia with the opening of a new commercial office in Nagoya, Japan

Stevanato Group, through Ompi, its specialist in glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, opens a commercial office in Nagoya, Japan, the third biggest pharmaceutical market in the world*. Being closer to Japanese customers that have already been served by Ompi in the past few years, the office will be able to offer an even wider product range and service level and accompany the growth of the market. The office will become operative starting from January 1st 2018.

23/11/2017 Made in Brazil: Stevanato Group inaugurates its “state-of-the- art” factory for pharmaceutical glass containers in Sete Lagoas

Stevanato Group, the global producer of systems, process and services for the pharmaceutical industry, inaugurates today at the presence of local authorities and customers, its newest factory in Sete Lagoas (Minas Gerais, Brazil). The plant, which is the result of a 30 million euro investment, carries the Ompi brand and expands the Group’s production capacity initially in terms of glass cartridges and ampoules to respond to the growing demand of the domestic and South American markets. Local production of vials is expected to start subsequently from 2018.

23/10/2017 Ompi launches LDP (Low Delamination Propensity) Vials in a Ready-to-Use configuration

Ensuring all the flexibility offered by the Ez-fill® portfolio, LDP Vials have the advantage of a minimized delamination propensity reducing the risk of drug product recalls to pharmaceutical companies.

21/09/2017 Medical Glass belongs among the TOP 10 companies in the Bratislava region

Medical Glass has been awarded during the third year of the prestigious award TOP 10 companies of the region organised by Hospodárske noviny daily. The ranking in the field of the healthiest small and medium-sized companies in the region is based on the public statements of finances during the past year.

26/07/2017 Stevanato Group enters an agreement with Corning for the supply of enhanced Valor(TM) glass, the superior quality material for packaging injectable drugs and biologics

Pharmaceutical customers will benefit from a breakthrough in pharmaceutical glass technology while patients will access safer medicines and vaccines.

14/03/2017 SG Lab and Toxikon Europe sign a partnership agreement

Stevanato Group will be able to offer extended analytical and extractables & leachables testing services to determine the drug integrity during its entire life cycle.

09/03/2017 Ompi EZ-fill becomes an internationally recognized standard platform for RTU sterile containers

Ompi, the company within Stevanato Group specialized in glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, has signed a license agreement with Gerresheimer. The agreement reaffirms Ompi EZ-fill solution as the worldwide proven standard in processing sterile glass vials and cartridges.

31/01/2017 Ompi EZ-fill® ISS: an Integrated Safety System for Prefilled Syringes

Ompi presents at Pharmapack Paris its integrated needlestick protection to prevent end users’ injury 


Ompi expands its Ompi EZ-fill® Syringes offer by adding up an Integrated Safety System (ISS) for staked needle syringes. Ompi EZ-fill® ISS is a brand new fully passive safety system designed to guarantee end users’ safety and reduce total cost of ownership for the pharmaceutical companies.

13/10/2016 SGLab Analytics Research | How to predict the delaminability of glasses

One of the main obstacle to safe delivery of some biotech injectables in borosilicate containers can be glass delamination. The composition of the raw glass material, the conversion process of the glass tubing into containers and the drug formulation interaction

10/02/2016 Ompi EZ-fill® Integrated Tip Cap: a twist-off closure system for Prefilled Syringes

Ompi expands its closures offer for the Ompi EZ-fill® Syringes by adding up a twist-off closure system for Luer Lock Cone Syringes, in line with the consolidated alternative already present on the market.