Mission, Vision & Values

Ompi MissionThe Ompi mission is to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

As part of the Stevanato Group, Ompi also contributes to the wider mission of creating systems, processes and services that guarantee the integrity of parenteral medicines. Through continual innovation and the pioneering of new trends, we are committed to making a vital contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately offering superior solutions to our customers, for patient safety.

To that end we are dedicated to offering “synchronized solutions”, in close collaboration with our Engineering Systems division, so that together we can significantly enhance the product integrity that can be guaranteed to patients, thereby exceeding customer expectations year after year.

Ompi VisionOmpi shares the wider Stevanato Group vision: the desire to drive technological innovations that combine products and processes into systems, which then guarantee the integrity of parenteral drugs in a way that is far superior to anything that has been achieved before.

Our vision is based on four fundamental values, each one closely connected to the other in order to guarantee harmonious interaction, resulting in a leadership position that is rooted in excellence:

  • Trust and respect everyone
  • Be accountable
  • Be ethical, always
  • Listen and communicate with transparency and honesty.